UFOs: The Paranormal Controversy & Connection

Rich also makes mention of “Big Footed creatures.” Yes, the Bigfoot-UFO phenomenon is without any doubt at all a highly controversial one. Indeed, I know for sure that the vast majority of Bigfoot seekers in the field of Cryptozoology absolutely cringe when the “Sasquatch and Saucers” issue rears its problematic head. But, the truth of the matter is that there are a lot of Bigfoot/UFO cases on record. Stan Gordon wrote an entire book on the subject: Silent Invasion. It’s essential reading for those who want to learn more about the paranormal links to the Bigfoot issue.

I could go on and on (and I will for a while): there are cases in which alien abductees have seen dead friends and relatives on-board UFOs. Abductees talk of their soul or life-force being ripped from their bodies. Strange synchronicities abound in Ufology. It’s possible to interact with entities that many perceive as alien via the likes of DMT. There is no need for our strange visitors to land on the lawns of the White House: they have far weirder ways of interacting with us at a personal level. Disturbing cases of paranormal “possession” have been reported by UFO witnesses. All of this is far removed from what I think Rich prefers Ufology to be – which is, I suspect, the days when the likes of Donald Keyhoe, Ed Ruppelt, Harold T. Wilkins, and APRO were flying high. Back then, it was all nuts-and-bolts spaceships (rocket-ships, even). Not now, though.

But, like I said, the witnesses are the people  who we need to listen to, as they are the ones who had the experiences. And even though it might not sit well with many, the reality of the situation is that there really is far more to Ufology than just us “earthlings” being visited by an extraterrestrial equivalent of NASA. The situation is way, way weirder.

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