UFOs: The Paranormal Controversy & Connection

As I have always said, the most important people in the field of Ufology are the witnesses. Not the radio-hosts, not the bloggers, not the authors, and not the researchers. Without witness testimony, we have very little to go on, in terms of what the UFO phenomenon is or might be, and what it’s up to. And, like it or like it not, there are far more than a few cases on record which do suggest a connection between the UFO issue and what we might call paranormal phenomena. To ignore the weird shit side of Ufology is, in essence, self-censorship. Of course, there is nothing new about this paranormal connection. Check, out – as just one example of many – John Keel’s 1970 book, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse. Keel made it very clear that there are crossovers between Ufology and other supernatural phenomena.

Rich refers to “men who dress in black.” Rich may not like it (in fact, I’m sure he doesn’t) but the vast majority of all MIB encounters have nothing to do with visits from the likes of “government agents.” Things would be much simpler if they were from the NSA, the CIA or the FBI! The real MIB are often pale and cadaverous. They don’t seem to be fully self-aware. There are reports of UFO witnesses falling sick after encountering the MIB – sometimes seriously so, too. Other witnesses tell of violent poltergeist activity in the home, after the MIB have left. People feel mind-controlled and hypnotized by the Men in Black.

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