UFOs: The Paranormal Controversy & Connection

Rich Reynolds has a new post at his UFO Conjectures blog titled “Ufologists vs Paranormalists.” Rich begins as follows: “I’ve written about the drive of some in the UFO community to insert UFOs among the weird litany that encompasses the paranormal category, all things outside the normal scheme of things: ghosts, Big Footed creatures, ‘sea monsters,’ men who dress in black, mystical visions (of angels, Holy Mary, saints, and sinners), et cetera.” Rich adds: “…the persistent attempts to lump UFOs among the queer phenomena that pops up in situ to a few humans have to be thwarted by real UFO aficionados. UFOs are a phenomenon worthy of its own, singular attention, not a mystery to be hawked like a carnival ride or sideshow.” You can find Rich’s article at this link.

Me and Rich are good mates, but we certainly don’t agree on everything – and his new article is a perfect example of that! It’s important – as I see it anyway – to note that Rich’s interest in UFOs dates back decades. We’re talking about the period in time when UFOs were known as Flying Saucers, and when the aliens referred to us as “earthlings” and as the “people of planet Earth” (or was that just in old B&W sci-fi movies? Maybe…). We’re also talking about times when thieving aliens stole soil by the bucketful, when strange tripod-landing marks were found in the fields of irate farmers, and when long-haired, know-it-all aliens tried to save us from atomic destruction. But, those days are – largely – gone. Today’s Ufology, in many respects, is very different. And much stranger. Which brings us back to Rich.

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