UFOs, Aliens and Strange Dreams

There is also the May 1962 report of Leonard Murray, of Beckenham, Kent, England. In the early hours of the morning in question he was awakened from a dead sleep by a “spaceman” wearing a “fishbowl”-style “space helmet” and a light blue outfit. The other-world character warned Murray that a Third World War was on the horizon and that he and his family should prepare to try and survive the looming Apocalypse. Cold War-era anxieties? Or a real encounter with an extraterrestrial concerned about our future as a species? More than half a century later, the chances are we will never find out the truth of this odd encounter.

British Royal Air Force Provost and Security Services files – now officially in the public domain – tell a strange story of the Morris family that was driving near the Staffordshire, England village of Barton-Under-Needwood, at some time after 11:00 p.m. on October 4, 1972. They claimed to have seen a small, metallic-looking UFO that was hovering in the road in front of them at a height of about three or four feet. They were forced to bring their car to a quick halt, and stared, amazed, as the object silently floated before them – at least, for around twenty seconds, after which the UFO shot into the sky. Notably, all of the family had strange dreams the night following the incident – George Morris having dreamed of being taken aboard a UFO and his wife, Sheila, having a nightmare of seeing a creepy, small, humanoid creature standing by the car. Deeply repressed memories of an alien abduction? Very possibly.

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