UFOs, Aliens and Strange Dreams

Strange and traumatic dreams that occur after someone has encountered the UFO phenomenon up close and personal are nothing new. The September 1961 alien abduction affair of Betty and Barney Hill is a perfect example. Many, however, might not be aware of the sheer scale of such weird and stressful situations. So, with that latter point in mind, I thought I would share with you a few examples from my old files. They are a few of what amount to many.

Today, the phenomenon of so-called Shadow People is very well known. Their name is most apt: these shadow-like entities are dark, human-like in appearance, and dangerous. Theories for who, or what, they may be range from aliens to demons, and shapeshifters to time-travelers. Whatever their point of origin – or maybe even multiple origins – an early encounter with one of these wretched things was encountered in Boston, Massachusetts by a young woman named Sally Salisbury, in early 1961.

In the early hours of a winter’s morning, Salisbury was woken from a deep sleep by the terrifying sight of one of the Shadow People looming over her and oozing negativity and hatred, senses that Salisbury immediately picked up on. Paralysis set in – also immediately – and which lasted for around two minutes, after which the entity vanished. Interestingly, and very likely directly connected, on the following night Salisbury had a graphic dream – if that is all it was – of being taken on-board a UFO and subjected to traumatic and intrusive procedures of a medical and gynecological nature.

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