Treasure Hunters Say They’ve Found a Huge Unidentified Submerged Object

I was trying to identify shipwreck material based on one of the anomaly readings on Gordon’s charts when I noticed something that stuck out, that shocked me. It was a formation unlike anything I’ve ever seen related to shipwreck material, it was too big for that. It was also something that was completely different from anything that I’ve seen that was made by nature.

Miklos claims to have discovered identical formations in three separate areas of the sea floor which look unlike anything he’s found. The structures, whatever they are, lie 300 feet below the ocean surface and are covered in coral which Miklos’ team believes may be thousands of years old. The team also claims to have found many magnetic anomalies in the areas corresponding to the possible shipwreck locations marked by Gordon Cooper. The Daily Mail published images has of some of the ambiguous shapes which look like they might be manufactured, but then again might simply be odd-looking coral.

Might evidence of ancient aliens, or modern ones for that matter, indeed be lying on the bottom of the ocean? Then again, could this all be a ploy to build hype for a new cable TV series? Whether that may be, given that upwards of 80% of our planet’s oceans are still unexplored, there’s no telling what we might found in the deepest reaches of the Earth’s mysterious waters. Should NASA and other space agencies turn their attention towards underwater exploration before we attempt to conquer the stars?

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