Treasure Hunters Say They’ve Found a Huge Unidentified Submerged Object

In Michael Crichton’s 1987 novel Sphere, the U.S. Navy assembles a team of scientists to study an enormous submerged object found on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, an object which turns out to be an alien spacecraft inhabited by an intelligent alien entity named Jerry. Life may now be imitating art, if the claims of a group of treasure hunters are confirmed. While filming the Discovery Channel docu-series Cooper’s Treasure, a group of explorers and treasure hunters claim to have discovered a massive unidentified submerged object in the Caribbean ocean. Could this be evidence of ancient aliens lying undiscovered on the seafloor?

Gordon Cooper was the last American to conduct an entirely solo orbital mission.

We’ll see. But don’t hold your breath. Explorer and treasure hunter Darrell Miklos claims to have made the discovery while he was scouring the area using maps given to him by former NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper. Gordon Cooper was an advocate for UFO research, and after his NASA career made several claims about witnessing unexplained aircraft or aerial phenomena and that the U.S. government actively suppressed sightings by military or space agency personnel. Cooper reportedly witnessed many anomalous dark shapes in the waters of the Caribbean while in space, and mapped these with the intention of later exploring the area for shipwrecks and lost treasure. Cooper’s Treasure sets out to determine if Cooper’s hunch might be correct.

While a few shipwrecks and minor caches of treasure have indeed been found – the Caribbean was historically a major shipping route, after all – this new discovery is something different entirely. So far, only the Discovery Channel and tabloids have run the story, so take it for what you will. Miklos told the Daily Mail that he was searching for shipwrecks in the areas identified by Gordon when he came across an anomalous structure or set of structures on the sea floor:

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