Top Cities to backpack through in Central & South America

If you’re looking for an unforgettable, but yet affordable adventure, then you have to plan a backpacking trip through Central or South America. Not only will you find unbelievable sites along the way and the most delicious food you’ll ever taste, but you will also find that you will make friends along the way that you will never forget. All you need is a plan, a backpack full of the essentials and a sense of adventure… let’s go!

Quito, Ecuador

To discover Ecuador, start visiting the colonial look of downtown Quito. Get to know the roots of the city as you walk on De la Ronda Street and arrive to “Museo Mindalae”, the top ethnic history museum in South America. For sightseeing, you don’t want to miss riding on the second highest Teleférico in the world (4,000 meters above ground), on the west of Quito by the Pichincha volcano. And of course a must visit spot is “The Equator” – take a picture standing by the imaginary line that divides the globe in half.

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