Top 15 Cheapest Places to Travel in Your 20s

 Cusco, Peru

The former capital of the Inca Empire holds amazing ancient ruins, unlike anything you can see on the rest of the planet. But along with the very ancient city ruins that tourists can hike and camp around, there are also distinct remains of the Spanish settlements that were created when the region was conquered.

It is a place that everyone should visit, and because of its affordability and accessibility, it is an ideal place for young people to visit. You are going to want to visit this intense landscape while your body is strong enough to hike the trails you cannot access by car.

Cobán, Guatemala

This Guatemalan city is a nature lover’s dream destination. Experience the natural waterfalls and caves tucked among the lushness of this beautiful area of the globe. It is perfect for young people, and especially those who are trying to save money. Major destination: Las Victorias National Park, which will provide many hours of hiking through the wooded expanse of trails.

One of the few issues with traveling to Guatemala is how far away the different sites are from one another, but in the case of Cobán, you are in an area that could keep you exploring forever. Spending time in nature, you will end up with an unbelievable set of memories for an amazingly low price.

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