Top 10 Cheap Backpacking Tips

Camp Out

If you can, you should really camp out for part of your backpacking trip. In a lot of countries, there are plenty of comfy campgrounds that won’t drain your monetary resources. This is a great option if you have some experience camping and you have the option of carrying your own tent. If you’re ready and willing to embrace your inner Bear Grylls, you can make camping work just about anywhere. Make sure to stay safe, though, especially if you’re backpacking solo.


Get a Hostel with a Kitchen

Camping isn’t for everyone. You might not be able to bring all the gear you’d need, or you might just want the comfort of a bed. Try one of the hundreds of backpacker-friendly hostels across the world.The best ones have free breakfasts, or even a communal kitchen with access to cooking stuff. If you buy groceries and make a couple meals in the hostel, you can save a ton of money over a long trip. Bonus; you make new friends in the hostel kitchen.


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