Top 10 Cars That Were Ahead of Their Time

Being the innovator of a new automotive segment can reap large rewards, assuming that the public is ready for such a revolutionary new vehicle. Chrysler scored big time in the 1980s with the minivan and Tesla has developed a devoted, near-cult like following with the brand’s range of electric vehicles.

But not all vehicles that were ahead of their time scored sales success. Some were in the wrong place at the wrong time while others were pushing technology beyond what was available at the time. These cars may now be looked back upon fondly, but they didn’t necessarily receive the best reception when first released. They are the top 10 cars from the past 30 or so years that were a head of their time.

Pontiac Aztek

The Pontiac Aztek is labeled with the unfortunate reputation of being one of the ugliest vehicles ever made. But the actual concept behind the Aztek was ahead of its time by many years. A highly stylized crossover that looks rugged, yet is relatively soft and ordinary underneath the sheet metal has become the norm of the crossover world. Styling elements like the lights on top of the front fenders, a sloping rear hatchback and angled rear side windows can be found on many new crossovers today. It also featured innovations inside like a removable cooler and attachable tent.

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