Top 10 Cars That Should Never be Reborn as Crossovers

The Mach 1 is described by Ford as a battery electric utility vehicle that pairs Mustang-inspired sport styling with a practical, high-riding body style.  Such a product sounds well and good, but Mustang fans everywhere weren’t happy about the Mach 1 name being revived for something that wasn’t a Mustang. Let alone an electric crossover.

This situation got us thinking: what are some other vehicles that should never be reborn as crossovers? There are some nameplates that are so well loved and have so many diehard fans that we’d actually be worried about the fallout if they were ever reintroduced as a crossover.

So without wasting any more time, let’s run down our list of car/crossover rebirths that should never, ever happen.

VW Beetle

The VW Beetle is soon set to be discontinued, and we really hope that’s the end of the line for the storied nameplate. With VW going all in on crossovers, it’s not far-fetched to think the Beetle could one day morph into a high-riding crossover. Let the Beetle go down in history as the cute and lovable car it deserves to, VW.


We aren’t against the idea of a body-on-frame Ram SUV, but a Ram-badged crossover might not be such a good idea. Ram has a reputation as a purveyor of tough-looking, gargantuan trucks, and seeing its big-lettered badge on a car-based crossover would probably be a bit upsetting for Ram fans. Then again, it’s already appeared on a minivan and some Fiat commercial vans.

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