Ten electric cars we’re excited about in 2018

BMW i8 Roadster

Yes, it’s just a BMW i8 without a roof. And yes, it’s taken BMW an unholy amount of time to get around to it, but the i8 Roadster is still a thing of beauty (how on earth did BMW’s designers manage to keep the flying buttresses despite decapitating it?).

It also coincides with a mid-life update for the i8 so the electric motor now produces 143bhp – up 12bhp, taking the car’s total petrol and electric output to 374bhp. The electric-only range tops 30 miles now, too. And because the Roadster only weighs 60kg more than the Coupe, it’s still fast – 0-62mph in 4.6secs and 155mph flat out.

Polestar 1

Volvo is completely reinventing its performance arm as a separate brand in itself. To do this successfully you need a car to capture the world’s attention. A car like the Polestar 1, then: a 591bhp, plug-in hybrid, BMW M4-sized 2+2 coupe that you’ll be able to own from mid-2019, but you can order from next year. You won’t find any Volvo badges here, but it is almost an exact replica of the Volvo Coupe Concept from 2013, which is no bad thing.

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