More On The UFO-Paranormal Issue

Today, Pauline – now a grandmother and someone who is fairly comfortable about sharing her bizarre experience – is of a firm opinion that the MIB and the red-eyed beast were one and the same. As Pauline sees it, something unexplained, but also something which could take on “different disguises.” Of course, many would say that Pauline’s bizarre story is nothing but a fabrication (but, it’s hard to fathom what on Earth might cause someone to concoct such an admittedly weird tale). But, what if Pauline was telling the absolute truth?

With that question in mind, let’s return to the matter of the UFO/paranormal connection. What we have in this case are no less than three mysterious angles, all clearly linked: (A) the UFO sighting; (B) the encounter with the Man in Black; and (C) according to Pauline a case of shape-shifting, no less – into what sounds just like one of the ghostly Phantom Black Dogsthat terrified people throughout the U.K. centuries ago (and which occasionally still do).

Yes, cases like this are controversial in the extreme, but either we dismiss such tales as lies (which I don’t, having met Pauline twice), or we accept that the UFO phenomenon isn’t all that it appears to be. It’s much more.

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