More On The UFO-Paranormal Issue

Well, my recent article titled “UFOs: The Paranormal Controversy and Connection” provoked quite a bit of feedback. And the debate on whether or not the world of the paranormal and the subject of UFOs should be seen as parts of a combined, bigger picture is still going on. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you a perfect example of how such seemingly separate phenomena actually have more than a few connections. Pauline W., who I interviewed in 2013, had a very strange experience back in October 1973, when she was living in Pasadena, California. It’s notable, and probably relevant, that a major UFO wave was going on at that time, and across not just the United States, but other parts of the planet too.

While hiking in the California hills one Sunday morning, Pauline encountered a classic, silver-colored flying saucer-style UFO which, at first, at least, was high in the sky. Suddenly, it dropped to around fifty or sixty above her, hanging there in an odd, wobbling fashion. Amazed, Pauline could only stare as the silent craft bobbed around and then shot away at high speed. Pauline raced home and excitedly told her family of what had just taken place. They, apparently, weren’t the only ones who knew what had occurred on the fateful morning in 1973. Three days later, and after sunset, Pauline had a visitor. Not a welcome one, I should stress. It was a Man in Black, a skinny – almost emaciated – old man, dressed in a shabby black suit, looking pale and ill, and wearing an old, 1950s-style fedora hat.

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