Mel’s Hole, Devil’s Holes, and Other Paranormal Pits in the Earth

Waters would go on in a later interview to claim that he had spent two years in Australia before heading back to the United States despite alleged warnings against doing this. After arriving he said that he had been removed from a bus headed for Washington by police and dumped 2 weeks later onto the streets of San Francisco with IV needle marks on his arm, some of his teeth missing, and no memory of what had happened to him. He still managed to make it back to his hometown, where he had then been menaced by mysterious strangers dressed in black and had seemingly been under constant surveillance. As to his land, he was told that it had been taken under control of the government, and oddly enough it seemed to have been erased from an early mapping system called TerraServer, a sort of early version of Google Earth.

All of this talk of government conspiracies reinvigorated interest in the mysterious Mel’s Hole, and this isn’t even the end of the bizarre odyssey of Mel Waters, as he would claim to go on to find a second mysterious hole, this time in the badlands of Nevada and that was by his account every bit as strange, if not more so, than the first one. This particular hole was of similar dimensions to the first, only instead of a brick lining possessed what looked like some sort of metal ring around the entrance that extended all the way down into the perpetual gloom. Like the first hole, anything dropped into it seemed to simply cease to exist, never hitting the bottom. With the help of local Natives, Waters claimed that he had then decided to continue his experimentation, and this is where things would get outlandish rather quickly.

In one experiment Waters would claim that a bucket of ice had been lowered into the hole down to a depth of around 1,500 feet, after which it had been brought up to find that the ice was warm to the touch, yet not had not melted. What’s more, the ice seemed to have changed into a type of flammable substance. Perplexed, Waters moved on to a live test subject, this time having a sheep lowered down into the hole inside a wooden crate. It was apparently quite a time trying to get the animal anywhere near the hole, as it was overcome with a profound panic, but what is really strange is what supposedly happened next.

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