Mel’s Hole, Devil’s Holes, and Other Paranormal Pits in the Earth

To test his odd theory Waters told Bell that he had concocted an experiment in the summer of 1996, wherein he would rig a fishing line over the hole with a one-pound weight attached and lower it until it hit the bottom to see how deep it really was. This would apparently turn out to be easier said than done, as he claimed to have used spool after spool of line without ever reaching the bottom, and he estimated that it had to be at least a staggering, physics-defying 80,000 feet deep. Waters also discovered at this time the unsettling fact that shouting down into the hole produced no echo, and radios brought near it would sometimes pick up strange things such as unidentified voices and old-fashioned music from another era materializing from out of the ether. Mel’s dogs were also apparently completely terrified of the hole, absolutely refusing to go anywhere near it. This is already quite weird enough as it is, but what would come to be known as “Mel’s Hole” would prove to be even stranger still. Waters claimed in one of his interviews that a local man had once thrown his recently deceased dog down into the hole and that it had come back to him from the dead, of which he would say:

One guy claims he threw his departed canine down into the hole… and the guy that did it swears the dog actually came back to him… he was a hunter and he was out there hunting and he saw the same dog, he had the same collar, he had the same little metal thing on his collar there and he said it was the same dog and he says he knew he had thrown the dog into the hole!

The initial interview with Bell created a sensation that propelled the story of Mel’s Hole firmly into the pantheon of great unexplained paranormal phenomena, and pretty soon it was being excitedly discussed and debated all over the place. Waters would end up having more interviews with Bell over the years, during which it came out that he had been experiencing some unusual activity since his story had been made public. In one incident he was allegedly heading out to the hole to perform another experiment when he was warned away from approaching by some official looking gentlemen who told him that the area had been closed off due to a plane crash. Waters claimed that at the time he had noticed some personnel nearby who appeared to have been wearing some sort of bio-containment suits. When Waters demanded to be let in, he was apparently told in no uncertain terms that he would face serious repercussions if he should try and do so. The government then apparently leased the land from him and paid handsomely to have him relocated to Australia, all while denying that anything had happened at all.

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