How “New World Order” Changes ‘The Walking Dead’ for the Better

The Commonwealth brings with it almost unlimited new storytelling potential. The pure number of characters make it impossible to chart the world of The Walking Dead through a wiki page anymore. In the past, several dozen people might go nameless, now tens of thousands will. Rather than dealing with leaders and followers, the story will have to engage with entire forces and messy coalitions within society.

The new settings are more than locales to be laid siege to as well. They each represent a number of possibilities. Some will likely be resource-based with characters engaged in mining, farming, fishing, and other essential operations. Others could be revealed as colonies, taking over land possessed by other survivors and either integrating or slaughtering them based on unknown criteria. Each of these facets contains a story and, as a result, a seemingly endless canvas for The Walking Dead to continue. It is a scale that even the massively successful television show could not hope to contain in its budget.

The Walking Dead New World Order - Conflict

The Greatest Conflict of All

Yet the single most important element of “New World Order” is how it refocuses the essential question of the series. If The Walking Dead is about survival, then the largest and most complex form of that question occurs within an actual society. The struggles of two men or two tribes attempting to conquer one another are early and relatively small. Within The Commonwealth there are no two sides, there are simply all of the people who must live together in order to maintain their shared prosperity.

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