Additionally, experts predict the costs of replacing electric batteries will decrease by 2.5x by 2025, and the range between charges will increase by the same amount. Continued advances in the technology mean that long distance electric transport trucks are coming closer to a reality every year.

What about the auto transport industry? One of the largest auto transport companies in the US, Montway Auto Transport, shares that although the upfront costs are high, they are more than made up for within a couple years’ time. If large car shipping companies convert to using electric trucks, the overall cost of transporting cars from place to place drops, providing customers with better competitive pricing.

Increased Profits

In general, electric vehicles weigh less than those with internal combustion engines. Less weight on the frame leaves more capacity for cargo, and more dollars in business owners’ pockets. It’s estimated that every pound after max load is worth $.50. If a shipment contains an extra 2,000 lbs of goods, that’s $1000 in extra revenue from every load

Other advanced features included shipping and tracking software right in the truck, so that every shipment is accounted for, from pickup to drop-off. Truckers can also use these features to receive new orders, saving time from returning.

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