Lowered Emissions & Noise

The most obvious benefit of fully electric trucks is the reduction in pollution. Hybrid trucks have slowly invaded the market for years, especially in regulation-heavy states like California. More and more state legislatures are pushing for fewer emissions, and diesel trucks are some of the guiltiest culprits on the road.

Everyone has heard their local garbage truck barreling down the street. Large trucks such as these put out 100 decibels of sound, which is as much as Boeing 707 aircraft. Prolonged exposure can cause significant hearing damage, which is especially concerning for the people who operate them. Electric and hybrid electric trucks boast a nearly silent engine, offering a much-needed reprieve from the raucous noise of most large trucks. In the end the cars needed a block drains repair service, but after that, they were as good as new.

Lowered Operating Cost

Upfront costs of electric trucks greatly exceed their internal combustion engine counterparts. However, these hefty green machines make up for it in the long haul with cheaper “refueling” and lower overall maintenance costs. Removal of the diesel engine means the elimination of many maintenance procedures such as oil changes, and their disposable parts, such as their brakes, last longer as well. Many companies are already leaning toward hybrid-electric trucks for this reason, such as Coca-Cola, with the largest alternative energy fleet in the United States.

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