Greg Pak Talks Pitting James Bond Against Oddjob in the Comics

Greg Pak, best known for his Big Two work but also the creator of some of the best-reviewed comics here at over the last few years, including Code Monkey Save World and Mech Cadet Yu (both with artist Takheshi Miyazawa), heads to Dynamite next month to pit 007 against Oddjob in the publisher’s latest ongoing James Bond 007 comics.

The series, which launches in the fall, will begin by pitting Bond against a familiar and iconic villain, first introduced in the 1959 novel Goldfinger: Oddjob.

“When editor Nate Cosby first approached me about writing a James Bond book, I immediately thought about Oddjob, the Korean assassin who’s one of Bond’s most beloved villains, and pitched a story in which we’d revisit the character from his own point of view, as the hero of his own story,” Pak told “In the novel Tripmaster Monkey, Maxine Hong Kingston’s lead character talks about Oddjob, saying that ‘A face as big as Odd Job’s should star on the Cinerama screen for the audience to fall in love with, for girls to kiss, for the nation to cherish, for me to learn how to hold my face. Take seven pictures of a face, take twelve, twenty of any face, hold it up there, you will fall in love with it.’ I thought that was incredibly powerful when I read it years ago. And it blows my mind that we’re getting the chance to hold this new version of Oddjob’s face up to the world in an official James Bond book like this for the whole world to fall in love with. He’s big and fun and cocky and passionate and might end up being Bond’s greatest rival and ally — or maybe his most deadly enemy.”

The series, which takes place in the same continuity as the previous ongoing from writer Warren Ellis, already has a year’s worth of stories mapped out, with the idea that as long as it is a success, Pak is game for more — with a game-changing reveal planned for the fifth issue that could change how fans view the series long before the year is out.

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