Friday Five: 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, Porsche’s 911 Speedster Concept, Audi RS 4 Avant review and more

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Apple: These American brands shaped their industries in ways few others ever could, and the same can be said for Chevrolet. An iconic automaker, with a storied 100-year history in the U.S., Chevy has produced some of the most easily recognizable cars in the world. From the Corvette to the Impala to the Camaro, the golden bowtie brand has made a case for itself.

To celebrate the best that Chevy had to offer in its lifetime, we took a look at 10 of the best Chevrolet models ever made. While Chevrolet nowadays, under the watchful eye of General Motors, has morphed into one of the top purveyors of electric vehicles, its iconic cars of yesteryear will leave a lasting legacy.

Speaking of electric cars, there’s also this week’s look at new/redesigned cars coming for the 2019 model year. For the 2019 model year, there’s a handful of new hybrid, EV and even hydrogen-powered models arriving on American shores.

Those stories, plus much more, are ahead in this week’s edition of the Friday Five.

Preview: New hybrid/EV models coming in 2019

2019 Honda Insight Touring Grey Left Front Quarter

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