Everything Marvel Fans Need to Know About SDCC 2018



Hold on to your butts, you read that right. Danny Rand, Colleen Wing, and the rest of the Iron Fist crew will be at the forefront of Marvel Television’s public relations push at SDCC 2018. The show, which recently wrapped filming it’s second season, has released little to no information so look forward to this panel releasing plenty of good details.

Because it’s wrapped several weeks ago, it’s more than likely we’ll receive a trailer for the upcoming season, much like they released the trailer for season one at New York Comic Con a few years back. Not only that, it wouldn’t be completely out of line to anticipate them announcing a release date for Iron Fist Season Two — and don’t be surprised if it’s announced to drop sometime this year, even ahead of Daredevil Season Three.

Cast-wise, the panel’s lineup hasn’t been confirmed outside of Marvel TV and panel chant leader extraordinaire Jeph Loeb. At this point, it’s probably safe to say the likes of Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, and newcomer Alice Eve will be in attendance. Speaking of Eve, it’s possible we could finally find out the mysterious role she’s playing this season.

The Iron Fist panel is scheduled to start at 6:00pm on Thursday, July 19th in Ballroom 20. If you’re looking to meet the cast and crew, the Marvel booth (#2329) will be hosting an Iron Fist autograph signing at 2:30pm on Thursday, July 19th.

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