Backpacking Sri Lanka: The Best 4 Cities to Visit

Sri Lanka is never a country we imagined ourselves visiting, but somehow we found ourselves making plans to go to a place we knew nothing about. When we got there we found a beautiful country that truly caters to backpackers and tourists. From street food to beautiful temples to daily hiking trails, we were blown away by what the country had to offer us. 

If you’re keen to visit and backpack Sri Lanka but have no idea where to begin planning, we’ve got you covered. There is a designated backpackers loop in Sri Lanka between the months of November and April. When you follow it, you’re guaranteed to see familiar faces throughout the country; you might even end up travelling with them!. Some people do the loop backwards for the novelty, but we would recommend taking the regular route so that you’ll get all the hiking and traveling out of the way and end with a couple of relaxing beach days.


The first stop is Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka and the easiest place to fly in and out. Colombo has layers to it – the closer you get to the center the more it feels like a city, but it’s also a beach town. We chose to stay on the beach side and travel into the city. One of our favorite stops in the city was Gangaramaya Temple, which floats on a lake in the middle of the city, bringing a bit of peace to the . Colombo is also a great place to sample every type of Sri Lankan cuisine and then do a bit of shopping at malls and markets throughout the city. Colombo will also introduce you to TukTuks, one of the most efficient ways to get around the city.

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