8 Top Tourist Attractions in St. Moritz & Easy Day Trips

One of the world’s most famous – and among the first – winter sports resorts, St. Moritz hosted the Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948. The village of St. Moritz Dorf, with its large and palatial hotels, sits on a sunny terrace sheltered from the north wind above the St. Moritzersee (St. Moritz Lake). St Moritz Bad, on the valley floor at the southwest end of the lake, has iron-beaAQring springs that were already being used in the Bronze Age. The beautiful alpine scenery with 25 crystal-clear mountain lakes as well as forests and glaciers is the region’s greatest attraction, drawing tourists and outdoor sports enthusiasts year-round. Summer visitors enjoy hiking, climbing, sailing, windsurfing, tennis, horseback riding, golf, and even skiing on the glaciers. The magnificent view from St. Moritz embraces the mountains from Piz Languard in the east to Piz Julier in the west. The most prominent peaks are Piz Rosatsch, with its glacier; to its right Piz Surlej and Piz Corvatsch; and in the distance, the beautiful Piz della Margna.

Winter Sports

Winter Sports

The origins of winter tourism in St. Moritz go back to the late 1800s, and from those first ski runs it has developed into a world-famous modern skiing metropolis with more than 20 lifts carrying skiers to terrain for all skill levels. The highest resort in¬†Switzerland, it offers some of the best intermediate terrain with a number of exceptionally long runs. But skiing isn’t the only winter sport here. St. Moritz offers artificial and natural ice skating rinks, curling, tobogganing, Nordic skiing, bobsledding, and kite skiing, plus a variety of spectator sports. The Olympic ski jump and slopes host frequent world ski events, and every year there are international horse races on the frozen lake as well as winter polo.

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