7 of the best wellness hotels in the Alps

Picture the Alps, and you’re probably thinking of their snow-capped peaks and the crazy long list of adrenaline-junkie activities the mountains are perfect for — skydiving, month-long hiking treks, paragliding, rappelling down sheer cliff faces. But most people don’t realize that behind this adventure-fueled image lies a haven of thermal springs and spas that are equally perfect for anyone looking to unwind, escape, and detox from the concerns of the everyday world.

If you want to veg out in a misty mountain hideout for a few nights, complete with healing energy spots and killer pool views, check out these wellness hotels hiding in the Alps.

Colombi (Freiburg, Germany)

This palatial hotel on the outskirts of Freiburg, with its grand split staircase and in-house Michelin-starred restaurant, basically earns you theater credit as an extra in Downton Abbey. The rooms are exquisite, and the views of Colombi Castle, Colombi Park, and Freiburg’s famous red-tiled rooftops will make it difficult not to spend the entire stay on your balcony.

But Freiburg, on the edge of Germany’s famous Black Forest, is a great base for exploring the surrounding landscape via riverside walks and valley hikes. After a day full of adventures, Colombi is the perfect place to wash away your fatigue — be it soaking in their spa, warming your tired muscles in their traditional sauna, eating at the award-winning Hans-Thoma-Stube (set in a 1776 Bavarian farmhouse), or taking a moment — or two — to imbibe at their well-stocked cocktail bar.

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