10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Morocco

Bordering the Atlantic Coast and Mediterranean, bound by outstretching coastline, roaring canyons and a hint of the Sahara Desert, there are spoils of contrasting landscapes to explore in Morocco.

Typified for its abundance of cultures of Berber, Arabic and European influences, it’s fitting that Morocco is located on the North-west tip of Africa, only a few clicks away from the tip of Spain and Europe.

Jemaa el-Fna market in marrakech - morocco

Weave in the hocus pocus Jemaa el-Fna market in Marrakech, the ‘Santorini of Africa’ under the shadow of the Rif Mountains and endless pots of authentic tagine, it’s impossible to ignore Morocco as an epic cultural destination.

If you’re looking for one reason to visit Morocco, look no further because here are 10 reasons to do so!


The cultural capital Morocco, Marrakech is the most visited destination in the country. With a population just shy of one million residents, it’s home to a melting pot of different influences.

Jamaa el Fna market square in Marrakesh - Morocco

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