10 incredible winter adventures for your trip to Arctic Europe

DINING ON A frozen sea in Sweden. Ploughing through feet of snow while cross-country skiing in Finland. Staying at the world’s northernmost ice hotel in Norway. In the winter, Arctic Europe looks like a scene straight out of Narnia — frozen waterfalls, snowcapped pines, and thick layers of white are in practically every view.

Forget hiding indoors until the sun comes back out, scraping your car windows, and lamenting closing the doors on your summer closet. The colder it is here, the longer the list of adventures. Here are 10 you certainly won’t find back home.

Sleeping in an igloo

A normal hotel is where you sleep and nothing more…but this is no normal hotel. You’ll lie in bed staring at the ice ceiling, snuggled deep into your sleeping bag (that can handle temps down to -15°F), spending ages totally transfixed by the steam coming out of your mouth. You’re not dreaming — this is the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel (27,000 square feet of ice and snow), and it’s the northernmost ice hotel in the world.

Sorrisniva is open from the middle of December to the beginning of April, but it’s certainly not the only ice hotel on the block. ICEHOTEL near Kiruna, Sweden, is possibly the most famous, but the Arctic SnowHotel (in Rovaniemi, Finland), shouldn’t be missed, either.

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